In the tradition of the Akamba people of Kenya, a child is given one name when they are born, and a second when they “come into their own” later on in life. Ariana was given her paternal grandmother’s name, “Nzilani” (zee-LAH-knee), by her Kenyan father on the day she received her Masters Degree in stained glass conservation from the Royal College of Art. She was the second person in the world – and the first woman to receive a master’s degree in stained glass conservation.

Ariana’s grandmother, Tabitha Nzilani Makau, raised 11 children in rural Kenya. She has never traveled outside her native country and lives in a home without electricity or running water. She often joked with her husband that while their dozens of children and grandchildren all have the “Makau” name, only she has a company & web-site named after her.