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The treatment cycle happens in phases, but first we survey the windows. Once we have a complete survey of the entire building we select in what order we will conserve the windows. With large scale projects, we often don’t take all of the panels out at once; so we organize them into a conservation timeline based […]

At Nzilani, we’ve developed a protocol for windows in architectural settings in which surveys are imperative before embarking on any conservation. Multi-phase treatments are considered components of a whole, rather than conceived and executed in isolation (or worse, as an afterthought); even if separated by years. Viewing the project holistically is key to its sustainability.” […]

Broadly placed in two categories: museum objects, or functioning components of historic buildings; the criteria of conserving these works of art are project-specific. The majority of our projects at Nzilani take place in historic buildings. Our first priority for the windows is to stabilize them in order to survive and be appreciated by future generations. But beyond […]

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