Tag: Garden Staircase

Here is how one perceives a “typical” leaded window to look. Yet this is only the base layer of a Tiffany panel we have in the studio. We had to remove over 99% of the platting from panels 2 &3 from Tiffany’s “Garden Staircase” in order to clean and stabilize all of the different elements underneath. […]

On any stained glass conservation project, we are are constantly weighing the validity of conserving a piece against the necessity of making it function as a key component in a building’s architecture. One of these decisions includes deciding when to keep the original border lead and when to replace it. The window we are currently […]

One fun aspect of working on a Tiffany window is the little surprises we find along the way. The window we are currently working on is unlike anything else we have in the studio right now because the window is made up of two, three, or sometimes even four layers of platted glass. Three panels comprise […]