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Last week, we completed installation of temporary glass in the 7 roses of the New Testament Window (#41) at Grace Cathedral.  This week we focus on the 5 tall, narrow spires called lancets below the roses. Each lancet is dedicated to an individual saint (Peter, James… John & Thomas), with Jesus in the center.before_after lancet

Unlike the tricky U-channels found in the roses, the large rectangular panels of the lancets are mounted with the simpler T-bar system.  The panel is centered between the two vertical channels and sits on top of the metal bar.  Metal tabs on the top and bottom hold the glass in place.tabs

Of course, not every opening has the same dimensions, so trimming of the glass panels was often necessary.

Perhaps the most difficult section of the entire window to install was “head and shoulders” at the very top of each lancet.  The four sections had to be installed in a particular order and carefully joined with slip joints.


Another interesting feature discovered at Grace Cathedral was the system used to capture and remove condensation on the windows.  Long copper trays were found at the base of each lancet.  The water is drained away with pipes that exit to the exterior:IMG_8730

Meanwhile, Back at the Studio…

With hundreds panels of glass leaving the Cathedral and entering the Nzilani studio, it is extremely important to have a clear system of monitoring where each panel is at any moment in time and what stages of treatment have been completed.  At Nzilani, we have developed a graphic/color-coding system that helps quickly identify the location of each panel.  A visual map helps us keep track whether the panels have been photographed, rubbed, soaked, dismantled, rebuilt, etc.

Lancet maps
Lancet maps
Command Center
Command Center

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