How much will restoration or conservation services cost?
Every piece is unique. Please contact Nzilani to discuss your object, its condition, and your restoration or conservation objectives.

How long will it take to complete my project?
That depends on the condition of the object and what you need us to do. We can discuss timeframes when we evaluate the item.

Where are you located?
We are based in the San Francisco Bay area, with a large studio in Oakland. We work throughout the United States and are in contact with leading conservators in around the world.

What information should I collect to start a custom project?
A general size requirement, preferred colors, images and placement in your home or building are a plus. First meetings include an introduction to different glass types and paint styles. We also have a library of books & glass samples for clients to use as reference material to expand their knowledge of stained glass before embarking on a new project. We work with you to create a window that fulfills your needs and hopefully exceeds your expectations.

Can Nzilani treat my object without any documentation?
Documentation is an essential part of our work – we document every object we create or treat. This information adds value to the object.

What is the difference between conservation and restoration?
Conservation stabilizes what remains of an object and slows down or stops any further degradation. Restoration returns an object to its original state and function.┬áNzilani customizes each project to fit our client’s needs. Most require a combination of both conservation and restoration.