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The South Wall of St. Vincent de Paul is currently being installed! The center rose presents a nice case study of the challenges of installing multiple panels that must work together to create a single continuous image.  The center of the rose has a “Christ the King” figure with rays of yellow and red light emanating […]

Window 48 was finished last week and we’re well on our way to finishing Window 45. Our process is to start from the top of the window and then work left to right. We are carrying on with a structural change we made on the last round of similar windows (33-36), in order to keep things […]

There are a variety of terms we use to construct a window, but the most common are glazing or leading. We call it leading because it is the process of working lead around the loose pieces of glass in order to recreate the original panel. We start with 6 feet long strips of lead called “came”. […]

The pieces of glass pictured above are from St. Vincent De Paul, in San Francisco. The fillets (sometimes called “sacrificial boarders”) have proven to be quite fragile. In this window they are cobalt blue; other windows from the same church have red glass. Historically, fillets are used as an interface between the window and the framework – […]

Dismantling a panel takes a lot of time. It’s part of the stained glass conservation process that people don’t see, but is one of the most labor intensive steps towards restoring a window. Before a panel can be dismantled, we make a rubbing of the window. The rubbing allows us to mark the lines of the lead as […]

The Problem: The lead bends unevenly around a glass circle, giving it an unprofessional finish. The Solution: Use an intermediary step. step 1 Find  a cylindrical object slightly larger in diameter than your circle. Wrap your lead around the cylinder. step 2 Take the lead off the cylinder. Cut a section that overlaps the circle diameter. step […]