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After a year of extensive conservation treatment in the studio, the Nzilani team has begun reinstallation of the Charles Connick New Testament Window. Empty crates ready to return to the studio The 302 conserved panels will be reinstalled in the cast concrete tracery of south-facing window #41, utilizing traditional and modern stone-setting techniques. Comparing the before and after condition of the panels […]

The South Wall of St. Vincent de Paul is currently being installed! The center rose presents a nice case study of the challenges of installing multiple panels that must work together to create a single continuous image.  The center of the rose has a “Christ the King” figure with rays of yellow and red light emanating […]

  Last week, we completed installation of temporary glass in the 7 roses of the New Testament Window (#41) at Grace Cathedral.  This week we focus on the 5 tall, narrow spires called lancets below the roses. Each lancet is dedicated to an individual saint (Peter, James… John & Thomas), with Jesus in the center. Unlike […]

After stained glass panels are removed for treatment, clients have a number of options for how the void is filled during the interim period. Plywood, plexiglass, or glass are among the options.  Glass is the most labor-intensive option because it is the least forgiving material, thus presenting a number of challenges. It also is very appealing in that […]

From the ground, a visitor to San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral will see beautiful, multi-colored stained glass windows. However, once those windows are removed from their stone niches, the crew at Nzilani see the windows in a much different light, literally.  Take for example the following panel, (the bottom of St. Thomas’s feet, of the New Testament):   […]

Grace Cathedral Extensively Restoring Stained Glass Windows We are so excited to announce that our work at Grace Cathedral has made it into the news! For a sneak peak of what Nzilani will be working on until March 2016, watch the video above, or click the link. We hope to do another in progress news segment […]

Nzilani continues to be excited with our new project at Grace Cathedral. We are overjoyed with our spread in the San Francisco Chronicle this week, which shows a sneak peak on site and in the studio.

About half a year ago; we were contacted by Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. They had received a gift from an anonymous donor who had earmarked the funds to go towards the preservation of the building, particularly the windows. We recommended surveying all 66 art glass windows before we embarked on any work.There are two main […]

Window 48 was finished last week and we’re well on our way to finishing Window 45. Our process is to start from the top of the window and then work left to right. We are carrying on with a structural change we made on the last round of similar windows (33-36), in order to keep things […]

Stabilizing bars, often referred to in stained glass conservation as “rebar”,  are used in stained glass as a way to reinforce the stability of the panels. The rebars we are using for St. Vincent de Paul are flat steel bars. The original bars varied in size from 1/8″ to 1/2″ wide and 1/8″ thick. Rebars are […]