Additional Rebars

Window 48 was finished last week and we’re well on our way to finishing Window 45. Our process is to start from the top of the window and then work left to right. We are carrying on with a structural change we made on the last round of similar windows (33-36), in order to keep things consistent and structurally sound.

Here is the panel numbering system we have created for the three, arched windows 45-47.SVdP45_Finished Overall

When the long panels (ie. panels 2, 4, 11, and 13) of Windows 45-47 came into the studio, they tended to be flimsier than the smaller panels (ie. 1, 3, 5, etc.).


The image on the left is before conservation, the image on the right is after.

The fragility is due to their length. These panels are approximately 45” long and were originally built with no support bars. These panels were falling apart before we started any treatment. The border lead would detach with any movement, and many of the fillet pieces were cracked. The middle sections of the panels were bowed – the only thing keeping them together was the temporary tape secured around all edges (top to bottom and side to side) upon removal in order to secure them during transport.

At the end of completely re-leading the panels, we added two rebars to every long panel. The rebars follow the stylistic lines of the original design, while making them stronger and more stable in the long run.DSCN2852_copy